Volume 5 Issue 6

1. The Intelligent Animal Care and Management System Based on the Internet of Things

Dr.S.Janani* , G.N.Mounika, A.C.Sasiroopa

2. Design and Operation of Agribot using Four Control Variables

Murali. R*, Mohamed Thoufiq. M, Venkatesh Rohan. P , Hamsadhwani. V

3. IV Therapy Control with IOT and LABVIEW

Avinash. K*, Akash. S, Raja. M , Arunganesh. K

4. Experimental and Investigation of Wheel Hub by using Aluminium and Magnesium Composite Material and Evaluate the Mechanical Properties

Manikandan. K* , Karthikraja. K, Murali. A, Prithiviraj. V, Saravanan. S

5. Design and Analysis of Four Stroke Engine Fins and compared with Modified Design

Sabariesan. K* , Adil Mohammed. H, Madhavan. R, Nishanth. A, Shafiq. H

6. Development and Characterization of Aloe Vera Fiber Reinforced Biodegradable Composites

Vijayarajan. K* , Gautham. S, Harish Kumar. V, Subash Chandra Bose. R, Surender. S

7. Experimental and Investigation of Wheel Hub by using Aluminum and Magnesium Composite Material and Evaluate The Mechanical Properties

Vijayarahavan. R* , Agatthiyan. S, Allwin. R, Azhagiri. D, Keerthivasan. P.S

8. Design and Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade with Booster

Ravi. S* , Akash. M, Asmitha. M, Jaikaanth. T, Mohamed Shiek Alaudeen. s

9. Experimental Investigation of Aluminium-Zinc with Graphene Composite Materials by using Pin Fin Apparatus

Muthusamy. A* , Akash. M, Akash. T, Dharun Kumar. V, Gokul. A

10. Effect of Animal Bone Powder Particulate Addition in Aluminium 6061 through Stir Casting Technique

Muraligopal. P* , Jaiprakash. S, Sharuharan. S, Arumuga Venkatesh. D, Sameer. M

11. Crop Prediction and Crop Quantity Suggestion Based on the Characteristics of Agricultural Environment using Machine Learning Techniques

Immaculate Rexi Jenifer.P* , Karthikeyan.A, Muthulakshmi.M

12. Subjective Answer Evaluation Using Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing

Karthika. K* , Akshaya. G, Manoshree. T

13. Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction Using Efficient Algorithm

Sathya. M*, Gopperumdevi. G

14. Storm Chasing Using Quantum Machine Learning

Dr. Sudha.J* , Anbarasi.S, Anuradha.V, Falila Banu.H, Mounika.R

15. Automated Word App Using DevOps Technology

Mrs. K. Preethi Kumar* , Mahendran E, Prakash S, Poongkannan P

16. Real Time Data Acquisition and Collection by using IoT

Jerald John James. S*

17. Detection of Stress for IT Employees using Machine Learning

M. Jayabharathi*

18. Study on Global Recession of Import and Export in India

Ms. E. Sathya Priya*

19. Economic Human Safety for Co-Emission and Vehicle Fitness Constraints with Self Alert

Vengadesan. A* , Subiksha. I , Sowmiya. D, Shankaran. A

20. Acoustic Wave Based Forest Fire Extinguisher and Detection using Deep Learning

Yamuna. M* , Logesh. V, Arul Irudhayam. C, Vikkaram. S.R, Bharath. P

21. Design And Implementation of E-Boat using Renewable Energy & Battery Management System

Dr. Franklin Alex Joseph. A* , Maria Merlina.A , Maria Vayolina. A, Aravinth. V

22. Experimental Investigation of Disc Brake using Al- Ni-Cr Composite Materials

Muthusamy. A* , Keerthivasan. R, Sridharan. P, Vimal. R, Praveen Kumar.G

23. Experimental Investigation of Kevlar and Coconut Fibre reinforced with Epoxy Resin using Clutch Plate

Iyyapan. N* , Guruprakash. K, Lokesh. P, Manuneethi. T, Mukeshkumar. V

24. Development and Characterization of Banana Fiber Reinforced Composites

Vijayarajan. K* , Saikrishnan. S, Tamilmani. M, Yuvaraj. V, Praveen. M

25. Smart System Application for Water Supply Management using Web Technology

Sathiyaseelan. M* , Sathish. P, Arokia Staline Mary. M

26. Automatic Intelligent Energy Metering and Digital Billing an Android App and Notification

Marry Josi Ceciliyah.A* , Priya.V, Amutha.K

27. Fake Product Detection using Blockchain Technology

Priya.V* , Amutha.K, Marry Josi Ceciliyah.A

28. Municiple Corporation Complaint Management System in Online Platform

Suganya. P* , Abishek Kiruban. K, Karan. D, Justin Raj. J

29. A Systematic Execution of Collaborative Tracking and Position Sensing for Non-GPS Mobile Using WPAN and GPS Mobiles

Akshara. M*, Francis Thivya. A, Stephy Francisca. J

30. Palm Vein Pattern Authentication Systems


31. Machine Failure Prediction using Supervised Machine Learning Technique

Anist. A*, Ganapathy Raja. M, Charles. M, Vignesh. V

32. An Approach of Machine Learning Algorithms Through Linear Algebra


33. Quest for Self-Identity in Githa Hariharan’s Novel “The Thousand Faces Of Night”

Ms. Niranjana. G*, Dr. Rajesh. B

34. A Survey of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Image Analysis Using Deep Learning: Segmentation

Mrs. Sudha S* , Dr. Sabeenian R S

35. Metamaterial Inspired Antennas : Reviews and Future Challenges

Srividhya N* , Maheshwara Venkatesh

36. Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Integrated with Infrared Thermography System to Investigate the Health of Heritage Buildings

Prema R* , Dr. Gulshan Taj M N A